Bev, adult rider

Bates saddles are excellent quality, fully adjustable and comfortable for both horse and rider. When I bought my OTTB I knew his shape was going to change, I wisely chose a Bates All Purpose for him, as I knew it would be great for his back and importantly could adjust with him, as he developed more muscle tone. He grew from a medium narrow all the way through to a wide and his saddle was able to change with him.

HART lets my saddle change with my horse as he grows and matures

Over that transformation, we never had a single issue with back problems, or saddle fit. Since switching to focus on dressage, I’ve subsequently bought the new Bates Artiste with HART for my three year old warmblood because I trust his back with the CAIR Cushion System and I know I can adjust the fit as he grows and matures. 

The adjustable features for the rider in HART are cutting edge - I won’t ever put a saddle without HART on my horse’s back.