For You

Ride Better

Enjoy a balanced seat that assists you to maintain an effortlessly perfect position with seamless contact to your horse, free from any interference.

  • Effortless Balance
  • Seamless Contact
  • Clean aid delivery
My student's position has really improved..
and they're winning more!

Total Connection

Perfect unison is achieved whereby aids are more subtle, feel is more sensitive and comfort is exceptional.

  • Responsive cushioning
  • Close balanced contact
  • Sensitive communication

Thank goodness I followed my saddle fitter's advice...
It's the best change I've ever made!

Peace of Mind

There is great safety in the knowledge you are looking after your horse. Full adjustability adapts with you over your journey. It’s simply the best comfort you can offer your horse.

  • Full adjustability
  • Muscle protection
  • Exceptional comfort

My horse chose HART...
he shows me he's happy!