Gail, owner of Zia Park Equestrian Centre

With over 40 school ponies and horses in my care, I need saddles that can take a beating! Importantly, to ensure they are all happy and comfortable I need saddles that are able to be adjusted fit anything from small round ponies all the way through to large and high wither off the track thoroughbreds.

Adjustability is so important for me.

We have different horses coming and going and they sometimes need to change into a different discipline saddle or have changed shape and need an adjustment of their current saddle.

HART includes adjustment systems which allow us to get on top of the changes in fit immediately and easily.

When horses are going to pony club and competing, being able to fit the right gullet and adjust the panel lets us get the best fit possible. We also know the CAIR Cushion System helps keep our horses happy and comfortable with the way it spreads the riders weight on the horse’s back, which lets us focus on providing the best riding school program without worry.

We have a number of saddles with HART across multiple brands which are all so easy to work with, I wouldn’t choose anything else.