Gaylene, adult rider

My heart tells me this is the saddle for me.

Riding was not possible for me during my 30 years in a high-level career. On my retirement I found Joh, a very unhappy, nervous horse and I wanted the challenge of getting us both out, healthy and enjoying life. 

I was very diligent in my research on the best saddle for Joh and I. Naturally, my comfort was important, but more importantly it had to be ‘completely right’ for Joh. He came to me with signs he had suffered from poor saddle fit in his past, confirmed by my local chiropractor who said he was sore, but not the type of horse to complain. I sat in many saddles before making my final choice. I chose a Bates Isabell because the HART could allow my saddle to be changed to fit Joh and I found it most comfortable too. Being new to dressage, the adjustability of the blocs and stirrup bar on the saddle help my position. I hardly move in the saddle, leaving me free to concentrate on my dressage. 

This saddle has looked after me and it has looked after him.

Like many other older riders out there, I have aches and niggles, particularly in my back that I feared could make riding impossible.

The comfort seat technology supports me beautifully and I have not had a day’s soreness after riding since discovering HART.

In fact my back issues overall have improved and my niggling sciatic nerve pain has all but gone. Similarly, on having a correctly fitting saddle, my chiropractor has not found any problems with Joh, attributing his health in part to the HART technology in my saddle.

My horse would not be in the health he is today without the help of HART. I love knowing I’m looking after Joh to the best of my ability.