Melinda, adult rider and multi-discipline competitor

In searching for a new jump saddle for my off-the-track-thoroughbred Pops, Bates Saddles was a brand that came up a lot in asking my fellow agisters and friends as all of the Bates saddles have HART. 

Having previously had a saddle that could no longer be ‘widened’ further, I thought it would be really good to get something that can be adjusted better and more often – only the best for Pops.

The first thing I fell in love with was the leather, it was a feeling like no other saddle had. But - when my saddle fitter went through HART and I understood all the functions on the Bates Advanta, such as the moveable blocks, the adjustable stirrup bar, the monoflap, the thin panel and how she would fit it to Pops’ back, I was in awe and knew there was no other system that could offer all of that.

It just fitted, perfectly, Pops was so happy and I had the biggest smile.

The difference the saddle made to us was noticed immediately by my instructor who commented on how eager Pops moved, how happy he was, forward and free, along with how natural my own jumping position looked. She said I looked stable, as I ride towards and away from the jumps.

I felt safe, happy and I know in choosing a saddle with HART I have done the right thing by Pops.

Now, I’m saving up for a new dressage saddle and it will have to have HART, so Pops and I can get better at dressage too!