Michelle, adult rider competing in dressage and jumping

I purchased my Bates All Purpose+ many years ago and was not that well informed about the technology in it at the time. I just loved it in the shop, it suited my all-round riding, felt nice and I knew it was money well spent. I simply wanted a good ride at home and to look competent when out at riding club, or competitions.

When I retired Mirabella and found Poppy, a lovely 14.1 hand cob-cross pony I had to change ALL my gear over – bridles, rugs, boots, cloths and I really did not want to buy another saddle too!

It was such a light-bulb moment when I realised that my saddle that I love on my high-wither, long and round backed Holstein mare would also work perfectly for my new pony thanks to HART.

Poppy is a typical pony type with a shorter back, a little downhill in conformation and I was fairly convinced I would need a new saddle.

I was so taken aback when my saddle fitter was able to change the gullet, adjust the panels and explain to me how the saddle would adapt to Poppy’s back. I was so excited and trust me, my husband was delighted too.

The versatility with HART in this saddle is simply the best.